The unique yukata shop we visited last year is at it again. This time their line-up is less scary and much more adorable!

Long-time readers and fans of fun/weird/unique/cute yukata will remember Tsukikageya, the Tokyo-based specialty fashion shop we visited last summer. With yukata designs that include everything from traditional Japanese art to naked ladies, the items envisioned by the shop’s owner Natsuki are definitely not what you’d normally expect to see at a summer festival. Which is part of what makes them so popular!

▼ One of the unique designs released by Tsukikageya last year.


As we learned last summer, Natsuki has a certain image or vision for each line of yukata that she creates — last year’s focus was on ghosts. This year, it looks like the designer had nothing but “adorable” on the mind, because these prints are some of the cutest we’ve seen yet!

▼ Adorable kitties!


▼ More adorable kitties!


▼ And cartoon bears! Much cuter than real bears…


The other designs in this year’s line up are all a bit more fun and playful than the previous one. So if you were interested in a Tsukikageya yukata but not quite feeling up for something covered in pills and syringes, there may be something for you!

▼ For example, you may want to walk around covered in kaomoji…



▼ …or dollar, yen, and pound signs!


The design above is called イ○・サ○・○ーラン, which is a censored version of “イヴサンローラン” or “Yves Saint Laurent,” the famous French brand. Our guess is that design’s name comes from the fact that the ¥, $, and £ look like those famous letters Y, S, and L — which is fitting, since the French brand’s clothing isn’t exactly cheap!

And rounding out this year’s cuter designs is this yukata that’s covered in ribbons. We imagine Hello Kitty would love this one!


If you find that any of these designs have struck your fancy, you can order them via Tsukikageya’s webstore. Be warned, though, that your wallet may feel a fair bit lighter when you’re done — each yukata costs 55,529 yen (about US$500). Note that the webstore offers descriptions in English, but checkout looks like it’s Japanese only. If you are ordering from overseas, you may want to try contacting them before purchasing, since the order form looks like it’s for Japanese addresses only.

Alternatively, you can head to the store itself and check out the selection in person!

Shop information
Address: 1B Yoyogikouen Q Building Tomigaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
東京都渋谷区富ヶ谷1丁目9−19代々木公園Qビル1階B号室 (Google Maps)
Hours: Thursday through Monday, noon to 20:00 (Strongly recommend calling in advance to confirm the store is open.)
Phone number: 03-3465-7111
Email address: natsukishigeta@gmail.com

Sources: Tsukikageya, Japaaan
Images: Tsukikageya (edited by RocketNews24)