kitty top

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll know just how much some kittens love to follow their owners around, checking on their every move to make sure their attention is not foolishly lavished on anything else. One owner in Japan has tweeted photos of their possessive cat, who seems irked at the fact that bath-time can bring a person so much pleasure. This kitty peering over the bathtub with its what-about-me? eyes has everybody aww-ing in Japan. But it’s what happens next that has everybody squealing in delight.

After realising it might not be able to win the battle against the bath, the cute Scottish Fold jumps up on the side of the tub, in an attempt to regain some control of the situation.


Then, as if to overpower the bath’s strength, or to experience some of its glory, kitty slyly sneaks its tail around, dipping it into the warm water.


The photo of the curious cat and its bathing tail has netizens fawning in delight, with over 12,000 retweets to date.

The cat, known as Miran, has only been with its owner since January this year but it looks like there’s already a strong bond developing between the two. Apparently Miran was quite pleased with the experience and the attention it received. While it’s not known whether the cute cat will take its antics any further, we’ll be watching for more bathtime updates! 

Source: Netorabo
Images: Twitter (gonhanamizz 123)