The kitchen is the heart of the house, but don’t worry. This one only looks like it’s covered in blood.

When a vacation or wedding goes spectacularly off the rails, we’re often quick to call it a “horror story.” Yet if things go very, very wrong while cooking, we’re not nearly as likely to use the same scary label.

But as we’ve seen in the past, some truly terrifying stuff can happen in the kitchen. Really, just take a look at this photo shared by Japanese Twitter user @GyagubiRurina and ask yourself, does this scene look like something out of a cooking show, or a high-body count slasher flick?

There’s actually a rather benign backstory to the grisly sight, though. @GyagubiRurina just wrapped up an extended study abroad program in the U.K. One of her English friends’ mother recently decided to whip up a batch of fresh, homemade raspberry juice but apparently forgot to properly secure the lid on the blender, resulting in this murderous-looking mess.

Armed with that knowledge, the photo no longer seems quite so shocking. Upon first seeing the picture, though, very few people’s first thought was, “Oh, I bet that’s raspberry juice.” Online commenters’ quickly pointed out that the kitchen looks like it could be:

● A scene from survival horror video game Resident Evil
● A scene from video/pachinko game Silent Hill
● A scene from forensic investigation TV show CSI
● The scene of an actual murder

Again, though, no ravenous zombies or psychotic killers were involved, just a woman trying to make some tasty juice for her family. As such, we can probably assume that the friend’s mom is still alive and well. The clothes she was wearing at the time, though, might not have survived the incident.

Source: Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@GyagubiRurina

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