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For all you cat-lovers out there, affix your love of felines with these new stamps.

Instead of using their signatures, Japanese people often have a registered stamp that they use to “sign” documents. Normally the stamps are simply the person’s last name, but people often choose their own font to individualize it a bit. However, stamp companies have been offering a wider range of choices recently, letting people show off their animal loving side with cat- and dog-themed stamps as well! If you were still sitting on the fence about getting one, these new cat stamps might just be enough to get you to jump on the trend.

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Shoindo is introducing the Osu Neko (translated literally as “stamping cat”). Coming in 11 different designs, you’ll be able to find just the right cat for you as they include an adorable cat with a fish in its mouth, a sleeping cat, a happy cat and more!

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These stamps allow you to put in up to three characters, (kanji, hiragana, katakana and English letters) and you also get to choose from one of six fonts.

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If you are looking to pick one up, they come in two varieties, a Japanese boxwood version costing 2,000 yen (US$18.67), and a “black water buffalo” version costing 2,500 yen ($23.35). Each stamp also comes with a fancy carrying case with an ink pad included. Once you register the stamp, you’ll be able to use it for things like bank registration, signing for packages and other everyday stamping needs. Head on over to Shoindo’s website (or Rakuten) to order yours today and be the first of your friends to have the pick of the litter!

Images: Shoindo (1, 2)
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