With themed rooms and waiters who act as teachers and nurses, you’ll never want to leave elementary school again!

Amongst the many themed restaurants of Japan, there’s one that remains a firm favourite with locals. Called “Rokunen Yonkumi“, or “6th Year, 4th class”, the izakaya pub-style restaurant is built around the theme of a Japanese elementary school, with diners stepping into the shoes of a sixth year elementary school student in the 4th class. Complete with classrooms, school lunch-type meals, and a VIP room set up in the “principal’s office”, a night here takes customers on a fun trip back down memory lane, and for those of us who didn’t spend our early years at a Japanese school, the place is filled with eye-opening experiences!

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The trip back to school starts at the door, where visitors take off their shoes and place them inside a school-style shoe rack by the door. Then it’s time to walk by the school lockers on the way to the classroom.

While some people choose to dress up in school uniforms for the visit, anyone can cosplay as a twelve-year-old student using the randoseru school backpacks and yellow caps available to visitors.

Diners are then taken down the hall to their designated classroom. Some of the rooms available include a teacher’s office, nurse’s station, and science labs.

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The menu is printed inside notebooks and student registers, with meals that include elementary school staples like chilled milk and “soft noodles” with meat sauce.

Some meals even come served in a small box that children use to house pet insects!

And because this is school, you can’t leave without having to do a test. Diners who score full points will receive snacks as prizes.

With branches in Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto and Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo, there are a number of different school “locations” to try out. Whether you’re a local or a short-time visitor, it’s the most unique way to experience school life in Japan!

Source: Rokunen Yonkumi
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