The harsh truth of being a Japanese graduate student in photographic glory

Sometimes our ideal is so far from the reality.

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Cosplay ideals vs. reality-Part 4: Blowin’ in the wind edition【Photos】

How many times can a man be fooled by amazing cosplay photography? The answer, my friend, is quite literally blowing in the wind.

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Movies vs Reality: Can duct tape really be used to shut someone up? Korean YouTuber finds out

Some people say life is like a movie. Well, that’s certainly true in some respects, since there are many movies and dramas that are inspired by real-life events. But we all know some scenes and plots in movies are blown out of proportion to achieve a more dramatic expression on-screen, and sometimes movie plots are too exaggerated to ever be thought of as anything more than works of fiction.

One Korean YouTuber has seemingly been pondering such issues as well, particularly why kidnap victims in movies and dramas can’t scream for help simply because they have a piece of duct tape over their mouths. And to prove her point, she tries it herself.

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【Photos】 Santa’s Workshop in the Real World: Chinese Production Line Workers Prepare for Christmas

As much as we love Christmas and would never hope to make our readers feel guilty for enjoying their time off and presents this year, we feel that it’s important to take a moment to remember where many of the toys and trinkets we receive each year really come from and the people who make them.

In this series of images captured by photographer Michael Wolf back in 2006, we see life on a Chinese toy production line. Crate after crate of doll heads, parts and stuffing; labourers sleeping beneath their workspaces; suspiciously young-looking girls putting together dolls; this isn’t something that most of us would like to think of while strolling through the aisles of Toys R Us.

After seeing these images, it will be difficult not to feel a pang of guilt the next time you visit a toy store or see a child’s happy face as they unwrap a Spongebob Squarepants bubble blower on Christmas morning…

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Oh, Japan, You Make Me So Mad Sometimes! 【Only in Japan】

Not a day goes by here at RocketNews24 without a member of the team expressing their love for the country or uttering the phrase “only in Japan!” in a tone not dissimilar to that of a parent telling friends how their child tried to glue a toilet roll to the dog’s head to make a unicorn.

But even the cutest child gets on their parents’ nerves from time to time, and we all have to let off a little steam.

Over at My Navi News, reporters took to the streets of Tokyo to interview foreigners living in Japan to find out what irks them about the country that, usually, they love so much…

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