These Chinese cyclists are here to make your morning commute more interesting.

Depending on where you live, a bicycle may be the most practical, economical means of transportation. If you’re still looking for some motor power to give you more speed, a scooter or motor bike would be your next best option. Bikes of both kinds are much cheaper to obtain and maintain than cars, in addition to being more environmentally friendly (at least in the bicycle’s case) and convenient, so it’s no surprise that an estimated 37 percent plus of the Chinese population rely on the manual two-wheeler alone.

If you’re like everyone else, sitting and pedaling will do you just fine for getting around. But if you’re NOT like everyone else, and you need some creative ideas for a unique way to ride, here are a few role models straight from the mainland.

1. Bride with rake and studly pigman


“A pig that doesn’t ride is just a pig.”

2. Surfing bike skier


3. Drag-racing duo


4. That can’t be safe


Not that any of the previous ones were safe, but this one… I just hope those are empty!

5. Life hangs in the balance


It’s a good thing those kids weigh about the same.

You can see a lot more wacky riders in the video below.

On second thought, maybe you should ride like everyone else. We don’t want any of you to lose an eye! Or a limb. Or…

Source and images: YouTube/搞笑娱乐 via Toychan 
Top image edited by RocketNews24