This should really be the keystone of any anger management course.

The Japanese language has a number of cat-based phrases and idioms. For example, there’s neko no hitai, “a cat’s forehead,” which describes cramped quarters. There’s also nekojita, “a cat’s tongue,” the condition of not being able to handle food and drink served at a hot temperature.

But language is a constantly evolving thing, and so I believe it’s time to coin a new phrase, “like a cat touching a cherry,” which could be used in talking about someone handling a situation in the most delicate manner. If that seems like an odd analogy, I’m willing to bet you haven’t seen this video from Japanese Twitter user @kyoumetan yet.

Cherries aren’t on the short list of things most people imagine captivating cats’ fancies, but @kyoumetan’s kitty seems positively entranced by the dangling piece of fruit. It seems to deeply believe that the treat is something precious, as instead of snatching it from its owner’s fingertips, it ever so gently pats the prize.

You might be tempted to chalk the cat’s restraint up to it’s not being particularly hungry, but the way it licks its lips suggests that it would indeed love to eat the tasty piece of fruit right above it.

As further proof that its elegant behavior is a mark of maturity, there’s also this video @kyoumetan shared from one year ago in which the animal has a bit more trouble controlling its excitement.

So remember, the next time life throws you a situation that has you ready to bristle and show your fangs, take a moment to ask yourself if you should instead be handling the problem like a cat touching a cherry.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@kyoumetan

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