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Because a true master swordsman recognizes the importance of skillful color coordination.

Late last year, Japanese kimono maker Kokichi decided to give a modern update to hakama, the billowy pats worn by samurai during the country’s centuries-long feudal period. By blending the style of the traditional garment with the functionality of a pair of khakis, Kokichi created hakama chino pants, or “chinobakama,” as it calls the crossover.

Chinobakama haven’t become as ubiquitous as hakama were during the heyday of the samurai, but the design got plenty of people talking, and apparently enough decided to purchase a pair that Kokichi is expanding its line. Previously, hakama chinos were available only in charcoal, beige, and navy…

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…but as of this month, you can also get them in black or brown, for a dressier look.

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In terms of cut and material, the new colors are identical to the old ones, made of a cotton/polyester blend with a waist cord that substitutes for a belt. Deep pockets can be found on either side in which to store your gold coins while travelling the country to improve your swordsmanship, and the front zipper means that when nature calls, you’ll be able to take care of business quickly, always advisable when you need to stay on guard against attacks by enemy ninja.

All five colors of chinobakama are priced at 7,800 yen, and can be ordered here through Hitoiki, Kokichi’s online store.

UPDATE: The pants are now available for international orders via Etsy.

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Source: Japaaan
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