People are always forgetting to take stuff out of their bags. Sometimes you’ll hear your phone ringing and have to rush to unzip all your rucksacks, or you’ll have to scrabble through endless purses to find the one you left that receipt in. Or sometimes you’ll hear your dog barking and… huh?

Earlier I had a phone call from my mother.
Mother: “I forgot to take the dog out of my bag, she’s floating around somewhere so can you get her out?”
Me: “Huh? Wha?”

[tweet https://twitter.com/aovei/status/552734164206628864 align=center]

It’s actually fairly common here in Tokyo to see pampered pooches hanging out in handbags or being pushed along in strollers. I was even in a bar once where a guy rocked up with his cat in a special backpack. So I can understand her having the little chihuahua in a cosy bag in the first place. But this must be one incredibly quiet and well-behaved dog for the mum to have forgotten she was carrying her, and she didn’t even kick up a fuss about being left hanging in the coat closet for who knows how long!

According to the Tweeter, the dog was sleeping peacefully until he came to find her and woke her up, and she then got revenge for her ordeal by piddling all over the room.

So remember, always check your bag before you hang it up or dump it on the ground to make sure you haven’t left a pet inside! Otherwise the piddle might not be just on your floor.

Source: Twitter via Jin115
Images: Twitter