Exquisite fine-art versions of the most popular Pocket Monsters.

We recently took a look at the Pokémon event at the Van Gogh Museum, but that’s not the only culturally creative crossover between the beloved anime/video game franchise and the fine arts. Currently taking place an ocean away from the Amsterdam museum is another event, the Pokémon x Kogei exhibition, which draws inspiration from the artistic traditions of Pokémon’s home country.

Kogei is a term that refers to traditional Japanese crafts. Twenty Japanese artists have contributed works to the Pokémon x Kogei project, representing a variety of muses and media, such as the stoneware Venusaur above and the Mareep silk kimono below.

Close to 70 different works will be on display, each an elegant mix of independently advanced aesthetic development and a visual love letter to the Pokémon.

Pikachu porcelain cups with gold and silver adornments

Ho-Oh tea container with urushi lacquer coating

The initial Pokémon x Kogei venue was Japan’s National Crafts Museum, located in Ishikawa Prefecture, where the exhibition opened in the spring. In July, though, the collection made the trip across the Pacific to southern California, and has been hosted by the Japan House cultural center in downtown Los Angeles since late July.

Charizard Shigaraki stoneware jug

Umbreon obidome kimono sash decorative clasps

Now, though, the exhibit’s stay in L.A. is winding down too. Thankfully there’s still time to see it over the holiday season, but you won’t want to wait too long, as its last day at Japan House will be January 7.

Shaymin glazed stoneware

▼ Jolteon figurine made with copper, gold, and silver

If a trip to L.A. isn’t in your schedule before that, you can take heart in knowing that there’s also an official photo book for the collection, which can be ordered online here. Given the beauty and quality of the pieces, it’s also a given that they’ll be well taken care of even after the L.A. event ends, so we may see more iterations of the Pokémon x Kogei exhibition in the future, so we’ll just have to wait patiently while munching on lots and lots of Pokémon donuts.

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