Need help penning that graphic novel of a cupid with a chip on its shoulder? Look no further.

You have to love Figma. These figure makers have made some of the finest drawing models to help artist create the most specific of poses. But not only that, they have also released countless figures of popular characters and classic works of art such as The Thinker, Venus De Milo, Vitruvian Man, and David.

Their latest figure of western classical culture is the less specific Figma Angel double figure set. While not based on a specific work of art you can certainly recreate some of the many cherub themed paintings out there using the added bow & arrow and trumpet accessories.

Not only that, but with their stream of pee accessory, you can recreate Brussels’ famous Manneken Pis fountain statue. Or, you could keep the wings attached and just make a typical “angel peeing on something” scene.

Also, thanks to Figma’s legendary pliability you can put these messengers of god into any position you need, like the “come at me, brah!”

Or the “see ya later, brah!”

And even the classic western art scenario of “Le Wingman.”

▼ “So, if I slip you a 50 by nine o’clock, it means things are going well, so try to get her roommate out to a movie or something. If not, begin to pretend choking on a peanut and we’ll get the hell out of there.”

Finally, in keeping with current superhero movie trends, you can bring all your Figma art figures together to do with battle Earth’s most powerful philistines.

Source: Good Smile Company via NetLab (Japanese)
Images: Good Smile Company