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It all begins with chopping some onions and blowing into some carrots.

Even mega corporations like to take some time off for a bit of fun. NTT DoCoMo, one of Japan’s largest telecommunications providers, has put together a very creative video that showcases many of the companies underneath the DoCoMo umbrella. The name, DoCoMo is officially an abbreviation of the phrase “Do communication over the mobile network” and what better way to communicate than through music?

Featuring 15 companies and 80 members, this DoCoMo orchestra forgoes traditional instruments. Rather, it expertly uses found objects to create the sound needed to perform the “DoCoMo Bolero”.

Well-known and some lesser known companies in the DoCoMo Group make an appearance in the video including ABC Cooking Studio, DoCoMo Bike Share, Tower Records, Mirai Translate, and Shop Japan. For those who are wondering, the wonderful vegetables were provided by Radish Boya, DoCoMo’s organic grocery delivery company.

Chop choppity chop chop, chop choppity chop chop

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▼ Scan and beep and wikka wikka

docomo 3

▼ Shop Japan working those abs with the infamous Wonder Core

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▼ Who thought a cymbal crash could be replaced by a bite from a cucumber!?

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It definitely takes a whole lot of coordination and planning to pull something like this off. Their conductor must have really been working overtime! DoCoM also released a fun “making of” video giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the project.

You can’t help but feel inspired after watching them create such beautiful music. Who knows, you just might see a RocketNews24 orchestra pop up on YouTube soon!

Source: CuRAZY
Images: YouTube/docomoOfficial