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Fashionable case will appeal to fans of the occult, anime, and video games.

It’s a fine time to be a fan of wizardly fashion in Japan, what with both the Grimoire Bag and Wizard Parka currently on sale. And if you’re a modern mage who’s as comfortable using technology as you are incantations, now you can get an awesome grimoire-style smartphone cover as well.

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Available from Japanese fashion label Super Groupies, the case is actually a tie-in with occult role-playing video game and anime franchise Persona. Specifically, it’s modeled after the Persona Compendium, in which spirit-fusing assistant Elizabeth records the results of your supernatural experimenting for future reference during the events of Persona 3.

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Fitted with metallic trimmings, the outside of the tome is also adorned with a Contract Key charm. The front cover bears mystic markings, which may or may not help you in summoning metaphysical servants, but will probably be at least somewhat effective in warding off unwanted religious solicitors.

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The Persona Compendium smartphone case fits iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, and 6s models. Preorders for the 5,200-yen cases are being accepted between now and August 14 through the Super Groupies website (iPhone 5 variants here, 6 here), with delivery scheduled for late October.

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