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Cardcaptor Sakura’s titular heroine keeps her captured cards in a magic tome called the Clow Book, pulling them out as needed in the course of her adventures. In your daily life, though, you probably don’t run into that many occasions that call for instantly producing wooden cages, creating a labyrinth in an alternate dimension, commanding the sun to rise, or any of the other mystical functions of the Clow Cards.

On the other hand, you probably whip out your smartphone several times a day, and the next time you do, it could be inside this regal-looking Cardcaptor Sakura iPhone case.

Anime apparel and accessory brand Super Groupies is back again with another addition to its line of fashionable Cardcaptor Sakura items.

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The cover design of the book-type case is the same as the Clow Book carried by Sakura, although Super Groupies chose to go with a less busy two-tone color scheme than the anime version’s.

▼ Metallic accents include the clasp and Sealing Wand charm

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While the outer cover features Sakura’s familiar Cerberus in all his fierce glory, inside you’ll find him in his far cuter Kero-chan form.

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There’s also, rather appropriately, a slot to hold cards, although we imagine most people will use theirs for a train pass, ID, or some other piece of plastic more useful than an ace of hearts.

▼ Although if you happen to make your living as a gambling drifter, this could come in handy.

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The Cardcaptor Sakura iPhone case is priced at 4,800 yen (US$38) and can be ordered through the Super Groupies website (iPhone 6 here, 5 and 5s here). Delivery is scheduled for the end of October.

Source: Super Groupies
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