The new potato chip varieties are set to change the way we eat breakfast in the mornings.

Japanese snack food maker Koikeya is making a name for itself as one of the country’s leading producers of strangely flavoured potato chips. From strawberry shortcake to Japanese mikan mandarins and even green tea, the company is so intent on keeping our taste buds entertained with bizarre flavours that they’re now marketing the humble chip as the “fourth breakfast” after bread, rice and granola. Their first foray into the morning meal market began last year with banana and peach, two fruit-flavoured crisps designed to be eaten in place of breakfast. This year, they’re back with two new offerings featuring more traditional breakfast flavours: toast and milk.


The toast-flavoured chips contain a generous serving of Hokkaido-made butter and are said to have all the same delicious flavours and aromas of lightly grilled bread. The milk-flavoured chips, meanwhile, not only smell and taste like dairy, they’re also fortified with extra calcium, making for a nutritious morning snack.


With no other competitors in the morning chip market as of this writing, Koikeya have certainly found a creative niche in which to market their unusual wares. Whether or not the chips will actually make it to breakfast table across the country will soon be revealed once they go on sale around the country on 30 May.

Source, Images: Koikeya