Here at RocketNews24, we love trying out all of Japan’s weird and wacky potato chip varieties. Just recently, we wrapped our chops around bags of banana and peach flavoured “breakfast” chips. And of course there was the time that we sampled coffee flavour chips

But after all that taste bud overloading, our tongues are in need of something a little more subtle. Luckily for us, a new flavour of potato chips is about to hit the market, and they sound absolutely delicious. Japanese steak sandwich flavour? Shut up and take our money!

The new chips, by Japanese snack maker Koikeya, are due to go on sale on June 8, and aim to recreate the taste sensation of Wagyu beef in a tasty sandwich. With a hint of wasabi and soy sauce, plenty of smoky wagyu beef umami-ness, and (somehow) the taste of fluffy bread, these chips sound totally delish.

▼ The chips apparently have an “extra-crunchy” mouthfeel!

We’re already champing at the bit for an opportunity to get our greasy, chip-dust encrusted fingers on a couple of bags of these babies. Mostly so we can make crisp sandwiches like we used to when were kids. How about a grilled potato chip sandwich, heavy on the wasabi and soy sauce? Although that would probably make our heads explode from flavour overloading.

We bet these chips will taste great with a nice cold beer. They could well prove to be the perfect snack to cheer us up in the midst of the tsuyu – rainy season – that’s about to hit Japan. Luckily, the chips be available in convenience stores all over the country, so we won’t have to wait too long for the chance to cram a few bagfuls into our greedy, junk-food guzzling maws.

Source and images: Japaaan

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