Nestlé Japan releases new Rose Kit Kats for Mother’s Day 【Taste Test】

Come with us as we try these two new packs, which incorporate unique rose petal toppings in deliciously different ways.

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New Japanese facial cleanser from Kanebo dispenses fragrant foam in the shape of a rose

Here’s another beauty product that appeals to your playful side!

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New frozen snacks promise to make you come out smelling like a rose

A few weeks ago, Häagen-Dazs began treating Japan to a special edition Rose flavored ice cream. While it was pretty delicious overall, many people felt it tasted too similar to a bathroom air freshener.

This came as a surprise to people from countries more accustomed to rose flavored treats as well as Kracie. This confectionary company had been selling rose flavored candies and rose water mix for years. So, starting 3 March they are releasing their own Fuwarinka Ice which not only tastes like a rose but also empowers your body with its lovely aroma.

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Incredible (and almost impossible) paper craft – this rose doesn’t smell sweet but certainly is beautiful!

Do you enjoy the Japanese paper craft of origami? If you do, here’s a video that’s sure to fascinate you! The video shows an exquisite paper rose being made, and it’s been receiving a considerable amount of attention recently – and not just for the impressive skill demonstrated. It’s actually causing many internet viewers to cry out in frustration, and once you see the video, you’ll know the reason why. Read More