At least from one angle, anyway.

If you were to ask a random person what shape a seal is, you’d probably get one of two responses. One is “Who are you, and what’s with the sudden marine mammal quiz?” More accommodating types, however, would probably answer that seals are vaguely cylindrical.

But Kyoto Aquarium recently shared a photo showing that seal shapes are a matter of perspective, since viewed from one angle they’re almost perfectly circular.

That soft-looking circle of adorableness is Hikaru, a seven-year-old harbor seal and resident of Kyoto Aquarium. Recently, the staff snapped a photo of Hikaru, swimming in his tank, from directly ahead and level with the camera lens, calling him “magnificently round” and radiating warm fuzzy feelings throughout Twitter in Japan. Online comments have included:

“He looks like he’s floating in midair.”
“Is he a torpedo?”
“He’s a Tsum Tsum!”

This isn’t the first time Hikaru has found himself basking in the Internet limelight. Earlier this summer, he gave Twitter users a different view of his physique, “standing” at attention when the photographer came around.

▼ Don’t worry, this tube isn’t Hikaru’s entire habitat, just an extension of his more spacious living area.

We’re sure plenty of celebrities and media personalities are now green with envy, since Hikaru’s multi-sided cuteness means he doesn’t have to worry about making sure he’s photographed from just one good side.

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Source: IT Media, Twitter/@Kyoto_Aquarium