Rather than make a mess, these cute little dogs will clean one up for you!

With their long, corded coats, Komondors, or Hungarian sheepdogs, bear such a resemblance to shaggy household mops that they’re commonly known as “mop dogs”. Now, You+More, the humorous lifestyle branch of online retailer Felissimo, has released a dog/mop hybrid of their very own that will obey all commands to help with the housework while bringing a huge smile to your face at the same time.

▼ The cute mop comes in three cute varieties, to suit your decor and your taste in pups.




What looks like a simple design actually reveals a number of cute details hidden underneath a long shaggy coat.



▼ A colourful collar completes the look.


Mopping becomes more like taking the dog out for a stroll. There’s never been a better motivator for doing the housework!


And when your pooch gets tired of doing the cleaning, he can detach from the mop for a well-deserved break.


▼ How much you choose to pamper your mop dog is entirely up to you!


The mops are currently available online here from Felissimo for 2,916 yen (US$26) each. With a different-coloured pooch released once a month over three months, we’re tempted to bring the whole trio home to brighten our days!

Source, images: Felissimo