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The Tsum Tsum, they’re calling to you. Just let them in.

Recently, Disney expanded its line of adorably pudgy Tsum Tsum stuffed animals to include characters from the Star Wars universe. The first batch consisted of heroes and villains from the series original trilogy, and considering how much more warmly received Episode 7 has been than the much-maligned prequels, Disney has wisely decided to nect give the Tsum Tsum treatment to the cast of The Force Awakens.

Obviously, mascot droid BB-8 is part of the lineup, and looking even more ridiculously cute than ever.

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Latent Jedi Rey gets two Tsum Tsum versions, one in her regular costume

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…and another in the “rider” outfit she wears when traversing the deserts of Jakku.

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Fellow newcomer hero Finn also gets a pair of Tsum Tsum plushies, both before and after casting off his Stormtrooper armor.

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▼ As a fan of the Naruto manga, we think Finn’s actor, John Boyega, would appreciate the Japanese kawaii aesthetic.

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And if you’re adding a Finn to your collection, you’ll also want to pick up his new best bud, Poe Dameron.

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Over on the dark side of the force/Tsum Tsum lineup, you’ll find Kylo Ren, who really isn’t going to be winning over any critics who say he’s not intimidating enough with this roly-poly physique.

▼ Don’t even think about smashing up our TV Ren. Don’t even think about it.

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Being made of cloth, the Captain Phasma Tsum Tsum obviously isn’t as shiny as her on-screen inspiration, but the material used does look like it catches more light than the other characters’.

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And rounding off the Force Awakens newcomer is this unnamed First Order Stormtrooper.

▼ But you can always pretend it’s James Bond in his greatest disguise ever.

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All of the above pictured Tsum Tsum are the small size, which are 9.5 centimeters (3.7 inches) long and priced at 648 yen (US$6). BB-8, Ren, and Phasma can also be your in a 29-centimeter-long medium size for 1,944 yen.

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And if you want to go even bigger, BB-8 and Ren also come in a 47-centimeter large, costing 3,780 yen each.

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▼ The large, soft Kylo Ren is perfect for cuddling or, if you’re a Han Solo fan, punching repeatedly in the face as hard as you possibly can.

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Oddly enough, there’s a final addition to the Star Wars Tsum Tsum line that has no connection to The Force Awakens: Boba Fett, who’s offered only in small size.

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Boba Fett was actually part of the first group of Star Wars Tsum Tsum toys, although in much brighter colors.

▼ Original Tsum Tsum Boba Fett

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The new Star Wars Tsum Tsum line goes on sale May 4 at 10 a.m., and can be purchased through the Japanese Disney Store’s website here.

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