Take a Korean vacation in Japan with Tokyu Hotels and Shibuya 109’s newest themed hotel plan

K-pop fans will love this budget-friendly staycation!

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2020 got you down? Finish not with a Big Bang, but like a Dynamite, with new BTS-themed coffee

Wash all your Blood Sweat & Tears away with this coffee collaboration between the world’s premier K-pop boy band and a Japanese online retailer.

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Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, Chinese Opera-Style

Adele should try to do a cover of this guy’s version of her song!

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Going from experiment to experience: Non-Korean K-pop boy band EXP heads to Korea!

The world is still trying to figure out if you need at least one Korean person in your band for it to qualify as K-pop.

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Seven examples of truly lame merchandise that even hardcore fans don’t want

For hardcore fans of a certain band or TV show, part of the fun is amassing a collection of tie-in products designed to meet your exact needs and interests. Nowhere does this ring true more than in Japan, where geeking out over a variety of goods relating to your most beloved anime or music group is basically all part and parcel of fandom.

But sometimes the companies who produce these products tends to go a little too far, attempting to dupe devoted fans out of their hard-earned cash in exchange for, well, a heap of junk. Read on to view seven of the worst offenders!

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If you’re happy and you know it… do the Heart Dance! Korea’s new cutesy trend steals hearts

In 2013, the Gwiyomi Song (or Kiyomi Song), a Korean song with cutesy gestures, started a Gwiyomi craze that saw Korean netizens uploading videos of themselves dancing to the catchy cutie tune. The song went on to become an internet meme and eventually went viral in several parts of Asia. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, because the trend has since died down and a new wave is coming!

Slated to be the successor of the viral hit, the Heart Dance is the new cutesy trend that has been rapidly gaining popularity in Korea. If you like all things cute, prepare to have your heart stolen by this adorable little dance!

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Korea’s chart-topping boyband BIGBANG has been cited in Korean high school music textbooks as an example of plagiarism.

The above image was taken by a second year high school student moments after she received the book. She then uploaded it to Twitter where it has since shocked many Korean Internet users.

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