demolish 2

A (de)construction company in China is preparing for the newest Olympic event, synchronized destruction!

There are a few ways to speed up a long process and usually they require some awesome technology or the right amount of man power. We’ve shared a few impressive construction builds that take careful planning and a rigid schedule in order to complete. The results, and time-lapse videos, are often bordering on unbelievable, but with the right people and a good strategy, almost anything is possible. On the other hand, sometimes you don’t need elaborate plans — just a 100 people in a 100 machines doing what comes naturally: destroying!

demolish 3

demolish 4

A road in China needed to disappear overnight, and while we are sure plenty of smart, ingenious plans were submitted in order to win the job, we are betting the bid that won appealed to the primal nature of humankind. Seeing 100 excavators lined up on both sides of a long street tells you that something cool is about to happen, and spectators definitely came out to catch the action.

In the morning, it was clear that the job was successful as all that was left was a dusty rocky path where once stood an asphalt road. Those workers probably had a pretty fun night considering the destruction they were taking part in. After all that time busting things up, everyone was probably hoping their next job would be more of a constructive job…nah, more deconstructive carnage!

Source: Toychan
Images: YouTube/Weibo Official Channel