Pikachu is ready to help you keep track of things!

Is your workplace just a boring, plain old office, without any Pokémon decorations or accessories? Are you tired of working in a Pokémon-free zone? Well, now you have at least one way to change that: by stamping your documents with a Pikachu date stamp!

Hailing from stationery company Showa Note–previously noted for their awesome cardboard costumes–are five Pikachu stamps, each with different shapes and designs that come in either small, medium, or large.

Out of the two small-sized stamps, one is round with a scalloped border design called “Face”, and the other is square with rounded edges called “Ashiato,” or “Footprints.” These have a stamp size of 18 by 18 millimeters (0.7 inches).

Both have a smiling Pikachu on the top, peeking over the date, though the square one has the added accessory of footprints in the bottom right corner. These small stamps sell for 3,690 yen (US$28.22) each.

The medium size, which produces a stamp 24 millimeters (0.9 inches) long and wide, also comes in a round style called “Retro” and a square style called “Denki” or “Electricity”, but as you might guess from the names, their designs are a little different from the small stamps. These have Pikachu’s whole head on them instead of part of it peaking over the dates.

The square stamp also has the Pikachu on the bottom and is accented with a lightning bolt on top. These retail for 4,620 yen each.

Last up is the large size, which is called the “Pokéball” design, since it’s decorated with Pokéballs. This one is oval-shaped, with measurements of 48 millimeters (1.9 inches) by 32 millimeters (1.3 inches), so it’s a decent-sized stamp. Pikachu looks extra happy in this one, and the bottom of the oval is also graced with the word “Pocket Monsters”. The price of this stamp is 6,160 yen.

▼ Though the image shows the Japanese word for “thank you” stamped in hiragana, these stamps do not appear to be customizable with personal messages based on the order page. If you want Pokémon message stamps, check out Pokémon Pon Stamps!

These date stamps will be sold by preorder on the Yubinkyoku Net Shop and Showa Note’s Official Shop on the Rakuten Marketplace until May 21, but their shipping date will vary depending on when you order them. Orders placed by April 9 will start arriving on June 14, those placed between April 10 and April 30 are expected to be delivered on June 28, and any after May 21 are projected for a July 12 delivery. If Showa Note experiences an excess of orders, estimated delivery times may also be delayed, so that’s something to keep in mind when ordering.

These date stamps would probably go great with your Pokémon hanko, which you’re hopefully already using at the office. Don’t let the opportunity to cute-ify your workplace with Pikachu pass you by!

Source, images: Value Press
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