Great Pumpkin still nowhere to be found.

Japan takes great pleasure in steeping itself in the special qualities of all four seasons. So while it’s still plenty hot in most of the country, if the calendar says September, it’s time to roll out the autumn-themed foods, which is just what mega-popular chain Mister Donut is doing.

Not that we mind, of course, seeing as how this will give us an excuse to eat donuts, which are always welcome on our plate, but especially so when they’re shaped like Snoopy.


Mister Donut is offering the Peanuts star in both white chocolate and chestnut glaze versions, priced at 183 yen (US$1.80) each. If you’re wondering why Snoopy is wearing a party hat when placed in the box, it’s because he’s technically part of Mister Donut’s Halloween lineup, and since trick-or-treating hasn’t gone completely mainstream in Japan yet, many people still associate Halloween with having parties in the home.

Much more Halloween-like is the Spider Chocolate Ring, which at 151 yen is topped with a dark and white chocolate coating (and thankfully contains no spiders).


And finally, the Pon de Pumpkin takes Mister Donut’s perennially popular Pon de Ring pastry and adds a pumpkin glaze drizzled with chocolate and topped with white and purple sprinkles, purple being the color Japan likes to use to make its Halloween-themed things look cuter.


The entire lineup is available now at Mister Donut locations across Japan.

Source, images: PR Times
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