What to do if you meet some adorable mini frogs at a Japanese vending machine【Photos】

Even amphibians love Japan’s unmanned drink dispensers, but what do you do if you want your change?

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Social media users in Japan gripped by the mysterious case of the frog-shaped hole in concrete

Japanese Twitter users weigh in with their thoughts on the bizarre print and the fate of the frog who made it.

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Curious kitty makes a froggy friend, loses him just moments later【Pics】

Some friends come and go, while others disappear right before your eyes!

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Real-life Pokémon battles would be absolutely merciless, cosplaying frog video shows us 【Video】

Respect the Venusaur, and don’t blink while you’re doing it.

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How do deep-fried frog burgers taste? We find out at Yokohama cafe 【Taste test】

Having lived in Yokohama for the past decade, I try to grab as many assignments as I can that are related to the city, as well as Kanagawa, the prefecture it’s located in. Also, as someone who gets hungry at least three times a day, I try to volunteer for as many RocketNews24 taste tests as my schedule will allow.

However, I graciously let one of my coworkers handle today’s project: heading to a cafe in Yokohama to chow down on a frog burger.

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Got milk but no fridge? No problem! Just throw in a frog

Yep, we’re being entirely serious here. New research has shown that an old Russian practice of putting frogs into a bucket of milk to keep it from spoiling may actually be right on the money. In fact, frogs may even be the key to finding a new source of antibiotics for humans.

Still skeptical? Keep reading to find out more!

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