“So, uh, can we just talk about this?”

So you’re trying to stay healthy by eating good food so you can be more popular with the ladies. Great! But then, when you mosey on down the fish aisle one day, looking for the freshest fish available, something catches your eye.

Fish that is possibly way too fresh.

That’s what happened to Japanese Twitter user @murasakiigai when they spotted this at the store:


The first picture shows a pack of three vacuum-frozen loach, and the second picture shows a closeup of the strange warning label on the package. Here’s the translation:

“On rare occasion the fish may come back to life.”

▼ Not even Tuxedo Mask is having any of that.


These fish were caught and immediately frozen to preserve their freshness, which apparently puts them into some sort of cryosleep state rather than actual dead.

We have to wonder though: what caused this warning to be put on the package? Did a resurrected loach surprise someone once and resulted in some angry phone calls, or are they just putting it on there just in case?

Either way, here’s what Japanese commenters had to say:

“Yup, that’s what loaches do. They freeze in the winter then act like nothing happened in the spring.”
“Same thing happened with some goldfish we kept in our elementary school room.”
“I’m glad they don’t use that warning label other places… like at a morgue.”
“I both do and do not want that to happen in my kitchen.”
“Imagine being a space traveler in the future, frozen in cryosleep, only to wake up inside some alien’s mouth.”

Well that’s the stuff of nightmares! And don’t forget the bones too – I’m sure aliens would love to make statues out of human bones just like we do with KFC chicken.

Source: Twitter/@murasakiigai via Togech
Featured/top image: GAHAG (Edited by RocketNews24)