frozen food

Japanese mom’s husband trash talks her for using frozen dumplings, maker fires back on Twitter

”It’s not about being lazy” says one of Japan’s most popular frozen gyoza brands.

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Yoshinoya sells frozen beef bowl topping packs, but are they as good as the restaurant kind?

We taste test both offerings from Japan’s gyudon god, and find a key difference.

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Rare mouth-watering instant sobameshi combines delightful flavors of yakisoba and fried rice

Why settle for two separate dishes when you can have both in the same bowl?

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“I’m almost embarrassed by how good it is”: Our reporter really, really loves this fried rice

Think of this piece as our Japanese reporter’s love confession to this particular brand of frozen fried rice in honor of “Frozen Food Day.”

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How you know your fish is too fresh: when it comes with a warning “may come back to life” 【Pics】

“So, uh, can we just talk about this?”

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The defrosted reality of 24 frozen meals at Thai 7-Elevens [Photos]

The frozen food section at the local convenience store may not hold any lofty culinary treasures, but it does hold the key to saving time and energy after a long day. All around the world, people value frozen foods for their convenience and, sometimes, their deliciousness.

But can you really trust the picture on the front of the package to be what comes out of the microwave? One Thai netizen went on a quest to demystify the frozen food section of Thailand’s 7-Elevens and posted photos of 24 heated up meals to see how they compared to people’s expectations.

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