Are you the prey? No, we are the Pokémon!

Ahead of the recent update to Pokémon GO, developer Niantic was touting the addition of the buddy feature to the popular mobile title. From a gameplay perspective, it gives players a way to evolve Pocket Monsters without having to catch multiple examples of the same species, but just as important is the way it makes you feel like you and your buddy have a special bond, just like Ash and Pikachu, the franchise’s human and Pokémon stars.

And really, you’ll be glad to have a special friend to rely on when the terrifying giants start showing up on the map.

“Is it just my copy of Pokémon GO that’s having a crossover with Attack on Titan?” asked Twitter user @7daaays after installing the update and firing up the game. He’s not the only one to witness the phenomenon either.

▼ “The latest Pokémon GO update really changes things up.”

▼ “I went to change my clothes in Pokémon GO, and it turned me into a giant.”

Of course, this isn’t an actual planned feature, but just another of the glitches that come with playing a periodically updated game that has to work with a variety of hardware setups. Still, it seems to be scaring at least one of the in-game Pokémon pretty good. Twitter user @szk_KATO reported that the update also made her Snorlax invisible, but we think it’s obvious that what really happened is her Pokémon buddy took one look at the colossi wandering the map and decided to flee while he still could.

Those who have experienced the glitch say a quick restart clears everything up. Meanwhile, given all the attention the Pokémon GO giants are getting online, it’s likely that Niantic is already working on a solution, though the company has made no announcement over whether such a patch would remove the glitch or simply add 3-D maneuver gear to the game.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@7daaays

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