With a dozen cute designs to choose from, the Cyber Japan Collection looks set to be one of the most popular choices for Halloween this year!

With Halloween in Japan getting bigger year after year, a stroll around any major city on the last night of October will have you running into any number of costumed characters, and if you’re extra lucky, you might be able to catch sight of one of these new outfits from Cyber Japan.


The popular dance troupe teamed up with costume maker Clear Stone for this special Cyber Japan Premium Costume range, which features LED details that light up in the dark. To see the outfits being modelled by girls from the dance group, check out the short clip below!

The 12-piece collection includes popular costume choices like maids, flight attendants, police officers, and even Alice from Alice in Wonderland.



▼ The built-in LED details are located on different parts of the body, according to the costume.


Surprisingly, the electric costumes are reasonably priced, with the more basic varieties retailing for 7,990 yen (US$78.29) while the more detailed items in the range are priced at 8,990 yen.


On sale at variety shops, cosplay costume stores and apparel retailers online, these outfits are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Source: @Press
Top Image: YouTube/PR Clearstone
Insert Images: @Press