If you think all the Sailor Moon toys have been too childish, not to worry, Bandai is thinking of you for their next one.

Sailor Moon is generally targeted at a young audience. However, you can’t forget about the viewers that have grown up reading and watching the series. There has been a lot of amazing merchandise released for the recent reboot series Sailor Moon Crystal, but Bandai just broke the news that a kaleidoscope-like weapon which made its first appearance in the series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon SuperS, will soon be available.

▼ So pretty!



Targeted at their adult audience, this replica-level toy has moveable wings, a whole array of colorful LEDs and can play specific lines from the show spoken by Kotone Mitsuishi, the Japanese voice actor for Usagi.

▼ “Moon Gorgeous Meditation!”




For just 14,040 yen (US$136.60), you can add this beautiful reproduction to your collection. Thankfully, it will fit perfectly with the other Sailor Moon toys that Bandai has already released in their “proplica” line. They all look so good that we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to wave them around like the Pretty Guardian you truly are.

Source: Golden Times
Images: Premium Bandai