After seeing her amazingly recreate so many different looks of the same character, that’s starting to feel like the most logical explanation.

The last time we took a look at the portfolio of Taiwanese cosplayer Ely, we couldn’t get over how many different anime and video game characters she can convincingly cosplay as. But don’t think this means you can slap the jack of all trades, master of none label on her, because the truth is, she’s particularly masterful at transforming into anime, novel, and video game franchise Sword Art Online’s Sinon.

Despite its fantasy-themed name, Sword Art Online’s connected story takes place in a number of virtual worlds. Sinon joins the cast once the plot shifts to the fictional VR game Gun Gale Online, hence the presence of her massive firearm.

▼ Although she’s also plenty eye-catching unarmed.

Variety is a hallmark of Ely’s cosplay, though, which makes Sinon a great muse for her. See, while the character appears with pastel blue hair while logged into Gun Gale Online, outside of the game she’s a normal-looking, if rather cute, high school student. So dedication to the craft demands that Ely cosplay as that version too.

And since Sinon has proven to be one of the franchise’s more popular characters, she comes along on the plot’s eventual transition back to a fantasy setting with the in-story game ALfheim Online. That means another redesign of the character, and also another costume for Ely.

What’s that? Sinon has alternate outfits for her appearances in the Sword Art Online Code Register and Progress Link smartphone games? All right, back to the dressing room again for Ely!

▼ That’s actually not Hatsune Miku.

Seriously, all the time Ely spends changing into and out of different costumes must be exhausting. No wonder she needs to lie down.

Oh, wait, that’s just another awesome cosplay photo?

We should have known.

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Source: Character Japan

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