“Ohai hooman. Let’s go for walk. You do walk, I do ride.”

Anyone who has ever had to trap their cat in a carrier cage to take them to the vet knows that it’s not a pleasant experience for anyone. The carriers feel like cat prisons, and the cats are usually quite vocal to let you know how displeased they are.

But maybe there’s a better way. One cat transportation item that has recently gotten the interest of the Japanese internet is the cat capsule backpack.

Watch it in action here:

At first viewing, my head exploded with concern for the cat, but then I realized it’s really no different than putting them into a metal/plastic carrier. There are holes for air to get in and out, and it has a nice viewing area. As long as the owner isn’t forcing the cat into the backpack for simple fashion reasons, it seems like a fun way to transport your cat around.

But the best part of cat capsule backpacks? Looking at all the Amazon review pictures:

▼ “There is no way I’m going in that thing.
Nope. No way, no how, no-“


▼ “Oh. Well, this is paws-itively pleasant.”


▼ “Ohai hooman. Y r u no inside backpack too?”


▼ “Um, excoose me. Can I plz NOT BE IN BAG!”


▼ “Dis is my life now….”


▼ “Can I has HALP plz?!”


If you’d like your own capsule kitty carrier, then you can order them at Amazon and Amazon Japan. There are a ton of different styles to choose from, though the Japanese side had a few more types available, such as this zebra-print one:

▼ “I am zebra on African plain… I am beautiful…
I am graceful… I am cat.”

cat-capsule-bag-07Source: Twitter/@mofunekochannel via Hamusoku
Images: Amazon, Amazon Japan