This nonconformist Japanese schoolgirl is ready for any bullies who tease her about her backpack

Mom was worried about other kids teasing her six-year-old, but this kid is wise (and tough) beyond her years.

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Cardcaptor Sakura’s schoolgirl costume now a stylishly cute anime backpack to take back to school

Eye-catching backpack and Sakura Card pass case are ready to make your commute to school or work feel a little more magical.

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Don’t want to tote around your kitty in a cage? Use a cat capsule backpack instead! 【Pics】

“Ohai hooman. Let’s go for walk. You do walk, I do ride.”

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New range of Japanese randoseru school backpacks turns heads with cute and crazy details

The classic Japanese school backpack hits the street with unusual materials and cutting-edge designs.

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Children’s “randoseru” backpacks star in Japanese ad campaign with whimsical Victorian vibe

We bet your school backpacks were never this haute CUTEoure.

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Eat your way back to school with adorable randoseru Japanese backpack cakes

What better way to start the new school year than with a cake shaped like a Japanese elementary school student’s backpack?

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Lexus creates $1,350 luxury randoseru Japanese backpack with material from its iconic sports car

Start the school year right: by packing your pencils and books into the comfort of a sports car backpack.

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Japan’s elementary school backpacks grow up with new high-class randoseru for adults

Maybe Zooey Deschanel was on to something after all. Last year, pictures surfaced of the Hollywood actress wearing a randoseru, the type of Japanese backpack that for decades has been exclusively used by elementary school kids.

This had many in Japan chuckling, but when you think about it logically, the randoseru is a sturdy, practical, and elegant design. What’s more, ones that are made to quality standards can last for years, so this Japanese company has decided to release a line of randoseru for adults, which it says are sophisticated enough for formal business situations.

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Disney selling ultra-premium backpacks for Japanese schoolkids exclusively inside its Tokyo parks

A while back, we talked about adult fashionistas, including actress Zooey Deschanel, who’d become smitten with the boxy Japanese backpacks called randoseru. In Japan, though, randoseru are strictly for the prepubescent set, as they’re exclusively used by elementary school students.

That’s not to say that kids don’t appreciate a nice-looking bag, though, which is why Disney is getting in on the randoseru game, with a line of backpacks that can only be purchased inside its Tokyo theme parks, and cost the equivalent of several hundred dollars.

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