The experience, in his own words: “That was AWESOME.”

Total cosplaying geek and television show host Adam Savage will be the first to tell you that cosplaying is extremely fun. Being able to dress up as your favorite character or creature and parade around a hall with other like-minded individuals is a joy you can only understand if you try it yourself. With a background in Hollywood special effects and prop making, Adam loves to flex his costuming muscles each year at San Diego Comic Con. He likes to choose costumes that obscure his face and then asks his fans to find him as he walks around incognito.

This year he upped his appearances and decided to attend the New York Comic Con in addition to the one in San Diego. The attendees and Internet have been happy he did because his incognito costume for the event was definitely well-received.

In true Mythbusters fashion, when something went wrong with his costume, he MacGuyvered it back into working order. His costume made everyone who saw it extremely happy, but that’s probably not a surprise for Ghibli fans. So what did the Mythbuster/Tested author and builder think of the costume?

If you’re looking for your next cosplay or Halloween costume and think this would be pretty sweet, make sure to check out the forthcoming video about the build. Adam was able to finish the costume in about 14 hours, which mean us less-skilled folk might be able to accomplish something similar in the 17 days before Halloween.  

Source: YouTube/Tested
Featured image: Twitter/@donttrythis