Whoa, check out the size of that girl’s DRAM!

One of the biggest challenges in education is presenting the subject manner that will sustain the student’s interest. No matter how important the topic may be, nothing is going to sink in if all the learner can think about is how much he’d rather be watching anime or reading manga.

An elegant solution, therefore, is to enlist cute anime girls to help keep the reader’s eyes on the textbook. That’s what author Hiroshi Okajima has done with his Lets Learn with Anthropomorphisms! series. After a successful first volume that dealt with building computer networks, he’s now back with the second book in the series, which focuses on IT infrastructure and terminology.

The 264-page book features illustrations from character designer Yuichi Murakami depicting the Systers, a group of fairies who live inside your IT devices and make them work. Among them are the prideful, take-charge CPU and DRAM, who’s defining characteristic is her strong memory.

▼ Clockwise from top left: FIFO, DRAM, DBMS, CPU, GPU, LIFO, and SRAM


Okajima presents the book’s information through the conversations of its seven futuristically dressed stars, and the product’s description expresses a hope that once readers get to know them, they’ll be a little more forgiving of when their PC or smartphone is running slow, since the Systers are doing the best they can. Let’s Learn with Anthropomorphisms! IT Infrastructure officially goes on sale November 17, and can be ordered here through Amazon Japan for 2,138 yen (US$21).

Source: IT Media
Top image: Let’s Learn with Anthropomorphisms!
Insert image: Let’s Learn with Anthropomorphisms!