A whole new way for one of Japan’s favorite chocolate snacks to look tasty.

Japan has a pretty big sweet tooth, but there are fewer confectioneries that are more loved than Pocky. So perhaps it was only a matter of time until the chocolate-covered pretzel sticks were turned into objects of romantic love as well.

Last week, Pocky maker Glico announced its Love with Pocky campaign, which in Japanese is officially called Koibito ha Pocky, or “My Lover is Pocky.” Once a day, the official Pocky Twitter account is revealing a new anthropomorphized handsome anime man, with each character representing a different type of Pocky and gracing his respective flavor’s packaging (both the box and individually wrapped bundles inside).

The first Pocky Boy, Kokoro Furuichi, is inspired by Strawberry Chunk Pocky. While the project is only visual at the moment, Glico has designated a voice actor for each Pocky Boy, with Kokoro’s being Yuki Kaiji, best known as Attack on Titan’s protagonist Eren.

Next came Milk Pocky: mature, mysterious Nami Shiroyama (voice actor Junichi Suwabe), who drinks a glass of moo juice every day.

Almond Crush Pocky has a tough-sounding name, which is a good fit for Kohei Mondo (voice actor Takuya Eguchi), a wild-hearted young man who likes riding his motorcycle along seaside streets and shuns social media in favor of face-to-face communication.

On the other end of the spectrum, Extra-Thin Pocky’s slender Tsugihiko Kyogaku (voice actor Takahiro Sakurai) is an unabashed bibliophile who reads 50 books a month, but has a dependable personality despite his delicate frame.

The most recent Pocky Boy to make his debut is perpetually cheerful Koichiro Akazawa (voice actor Yuma Uchida). “Aka” means “red” in Japanese, in keeping with his representing the original flavor chocolate Pocky which comes in a red box.

Since Glico has released dozens of special Pocky flavors during the product’s lifetime, odds are there are more characters to come. We look forward to a samurai-chic Deep Matcha, elegantly dressed Bâton d’or La Recolte, or shibui Red Wine Pocky Boy, or, maybe even a crossover with the Kit Kat Boys.

Source: Anime News Network/Jennifer Sherman
Featured image: Twitter/@PockyJPN

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