Definitely not for kids — new Pennywise gacha capsule toy is terrifying yet awesome

Scary enough to make you uncomfortable, but small enough to put in your pocket!

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Tokyo Olympic Committee trains 220 “hackers” to protect games

The real global competition might be going on behind the scenes.

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Spend Halloween with this adorable yet terrifying Pennywise figurine

The perfect blend of kawaii with kowai.

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Government plans to establish four “Japanese Silicon Valleys”

In search of the elusive Japanese unicorn.

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Japanese new recruit fired after one month for being partially out of frame during video meetings

Company decided that an inability to fit into the chat window is an inability to fit into the workforce.

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It’s Pennywise remade as busty anime girl figure strikes fear in heart, funny feelings elsewhere

We’re all kawaii down here.

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Saitama senior arrested after calling telecom provider 24,000 times to complain

A one-week reign of touch-tone terror consisting of 411 calls led to the arrest.

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We all float down here, Kitty… Sanrio’s It movie collab is more cute than creepy

Crouch too close to the sewer, and you might catch a glimpse of red…oh, it’s just her ribbon.
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Someone gave Stephen King’s IT an anime transformation

One fan of both anime and horror saw an opportunity here and created a spooky new visage in the Japanese style.

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IT infrastructure becomes cute anime girls in Japan’s latest educational anthropomorphism project

Whoa, check out the size of that girl’s DRAM!

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex collaborates with agencies to promote cybersecurity

Major Kusanagi and the members of Public Security Section 9 are on a quest to promote cybersecurity as part of an upcoming public awareness campaign.

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Young and pretty “programming cheerleaders” aim to boost male programmers’ productivity in China

The college I went to was really big on group assignments, under the logic that being able to function as part of a team is a critical skill for working professionals. On the few occasions where I found myself in a group made up entirely of male students, though, I couldn’t help but notice that hardly anybody would put in anything more than the minimum required effort at the very last possible second.

See, barring life-or-death responsibilities, guys tend to get sort of lazy without a female presence around, prioritizing personal comfort and instant gratification over more ambitious goals and projects (for an example, check out the levels of cleanliness and basic hygiene in an all-male dormitory). The opposite phenomena can occur too, though. Throw an attractive female or two into the group, and suddenly several dudes will have their alpha male instincts awakened as they try to show what energetic and capable dynamos they are, which is exactly the ploy some tech companies in China are betting on by employing young women as “programming cheerleaders.”

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“If I don’t download free music, I’ll get bullied!” – IT worker’s experience with net-using kids

The internet has completely changed the way we work and live, but for those of us having children it can be hard to understand how different life has become for them as information technology natives.

Having some shoes that could be pumped full of air was the deciding factor of our social status in school at one time, but what are kids thinking about today? Kakurega Komyo is an IT worker in Japan who caught a glimpse of this life while setting up the internet in someone’s house.

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Can you guess the starting salaries at popular IT companies in Japan?

Thousands of recent college graduates are entering the workforce this week in Japan, and they have done well just to survive the grueling interview process. While most of them are probably content just to have a job lined up at all, a lucky few have already landed their dream job just out of school.

Landing a job in the IT industry is a particularly difficult feat. But if you do manage to score one, you’re guaranteed a high starting salary, at least according to Japanese variety show Akko ni Omakase. This Sunday’s broadcast featured a segment listing the starting salaries for new workers at eight popular IT companies in Japan. How do you think those salaries stack up against one another?

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