With two colours to choose from, this is the most unique sailor uniform we’ve ever seen!

With so many sailor-style school uniforms on the market these days, now it takes something really special to make you stand out from the crowd. Japanese online retailer Party Paradise has just released a real head-turner to fill your needs, with a creative new twist on the classic sailor suit uniform that incorporates heavenly angel details into its design.


Called the “Angel Sailor Suit”, the outfit uses a “Neofabric” which features an image of a cloudy, pale blue sky. Other details include a soft, pink chiffon scarf that ties up under the neckline, and a scalloped collar which resembles a pair of angel wings, complete with a pink cross in the middle.


▼ The pick-up line “Did you fall from heaven? Because you look like an angel” becomes pretty redundant when you’re dressed like this!


▼ The outfit also comes in pink, for an equally sweet and innocent look.


With the pink shade resembling a vibrant sunset, the embellishments on this style come in aqua green.


▼ The costumes are ideal for bringing an angelic presence to Halloween!


Both styles are currently available from online retailer Party Paradise for 8,630 yen (US$82.82) each, including nationwide delivery. Whether you’re looking to be an angelic schoolgirl, or any number of other cute characters, Party Paradise has a huge variety of costumes on offer to help with all your Halloween costume needs!

Source, images: Rakuten (1, 2)