It helps that he’s willing to travel the globe to receive our birthday wishes.

November 18, 1927 marked the first appearance of the world’s most famous mouse Mickey, and Disney parks around the world are celebrating the date in their own way. Disney Japan not only wished him a happy birthday on their official Twitter account, but also created a heartwarming music video to highlight the occasion. He might be turning 88 years old, but he’s still incredibly spry for his age, in fact he is inspiring people everywhere to get up and boogy!

In the video, Mickey visits Kyoto, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Cusco, Rome, and Paris to see his adoring fans who all want to wish him a happy birthday. Not only do they get to say the words to him in person, but a lot of them get to bust a move with him too! The catchy music that accompanies the video is a special birthday song for Mickey that can be purchased on iTunes called “What we got”.

▼ Get down


▼ Get down


▼ And move it all around


This worldly video wasn’t the only thing Disney produced in Japan. The Tokyo Disney Resort also created a video detailing the day Mickey and Minnie spent on their special day together.

▼ If only our love was this strong after 88 years!

If you were hoping to go to a Disney park any time soon, this would be the perfect time to join in on the celebrations occurring at locations all over. And be sure to check out some of our Tokyo Disneyland tips for having the best time possible too. Don’t let what’s happening in the world get you down, because when a giant smiling mouse is “what we got”, you can’t help but get up and dance.

Source: Twitter/@disneyjp
Images: YouTube/disneyjp