East meets West in this beautifully delicious collection.

Ginza Cozy Corner is one of Japan’s most popular sweets retailers, with a number of creative collaborations and adorable limited-edition releases appearing throughout the year. Disney often features heavily in their collections, with beautiful, bite-sized sweets taking inspiration from Pixar charactersDisney Princesses, and even Alice in Wonderland. Now it’s time to celebrate another important date on the annual calendar with another Disney offering, and given the importance of tradition over the New Year’s period, it’s only fitting that this new release comes in a beautiful package featuring some stunning sumi-e ink paintings.

The Disney New Year’s Gift Box features a cute image of Mickey next to a beautifully drawn tree. On the bottom left-hand side of the box is a square-shaped red hanko stamp, which usually bears the name of the artist, but in this case, it contains an image of Mickey’s distinctive face and ears. This box contains 19 sweets, including madeleines and cookies, and retails for 1,512 yen (US$12.88).


The Disney New Year’s Madeleines come in a beautiful box featuring Minnie and Mickey, along with black and red corner details decorated with tiny floral designs. Retailing for 648 yen, these contain three plain and two strawberry-flavoured madeleines.

Rounding out the collection is a beautiful tin box featuring Minnie and Mickey against a beautiful backdrop containing mountainous scenery and a setting sun. The characters’ names are even written out in a traditional-style font on the left-hand side of the tin. Inside the Disney Cookie Tin which retails for 1,080 yen, are 8 different types of cookies.


As with all of Ginza Cozy Corner’s limited edition releases, these sweets won’t be around for long, so be sure to stop by soon to pick up a box before they disappear from stores on 10 January.

Source, images: PR Times