And you don’t even have to build a giant Doraemon tree to do it.

November to January is pretty much a sprint of nonstop holidays. For those of us who enjoy the rest of the year spent away from our extended family (or even our close family!) it can be quite a stressful period.

And in Japan, it’s even worse. November to January is when bōnenkai (“forget-the-year parties”) and shinnenkai (“new year’s parties”) take place. Typically it’s when you get together with your coworkers, eat lots of food, and drink a lot, but there’s one extra part that sometimes comes up too: the hidden talent show.

For the hidden talent show, party atendees are expected to stand up, one at a time, and show off a skill they have on the spot, which can be extremely stressful for some people. But thankfully Japanese Twitter user @HALL_SHINE recently uploaded a panel from Doraemon that shows how to easily escape from such hidden talent shows – a skill that also doubles as a way to get away from awkward family gatherings too: (translation below)

“It’s that time of year for bōnenkai so be sure to make use of this.”

Talent show advice for people who have no talents:
We’ll teach you some magic that anyone – shy people, awkward people – can easily do.
First, make a ninja scroll and bring it with you.
When it’s your turn, announce that you will use your ninjutsu to disappear.
Put the roll in your mouth, mumble some magic words, make some ninja hand movements, and then go outside and leave. Continue until you’re back home.

Ooh, now that’s a hidden talent I can get behind! This is the perfect way to escape from awkward family gatherings too. If you’re at the Thanksgiving table and someone asks you what you’re thankful for, just say “my ninjutsu powers of escape” and make a break for it. If you’re at the Christmas table and someone’s yelling about how Christmas was better when they were kids, just say “It was even better way back during ninja times” and disappear.

If you don’t happen to have a ninja scroll on you, a toilet paper roll with some construction paper wrapped around should work fine.

▼ Or you can get fancy and use
some leftover wrapping paper and ribbons.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to Doraemon’s suggestion:

“Totally doing this.”
“I have a feeling that won’t make you too popular.”
“Nah, everyone will be too drunk/full to care.”
“I don’t even have any holiday parties to go to but I want to do this!”

And for those who really want to really get away for a while with their disappearing act, maybe you can escape to the giant Doraemon Christmas tree in Singapore.

▼ Ah Doraemon, you’re the only one
I want to be around during the holidays.

Source: Twitter/@HALL_SHINE via Hamusoku
Featured image: Instagram/sgshutterbug