Bandai is bringing some cuteness to Japanese tea time with these adorable characters from the popular manga and anime series Doraemon.

As the world’s fourth largest producer of toys, Japanese toy making and video game company Bandai is best known for its huge variety of anime and manga model kits and figurines. From the end of this month, however, Bandai will be adding two new characters to its cute range of character sweets, and this time they’re modelled on traditional Japanese confections commonly eaten during tea ceremonies. The adorable new treats are part of the company’s  Tabe Masu (“Taberareru Masukotto” or “Edible Mascot”) line, which brings popular characters out of the world of anime and manga and into our bellies in lifelike, three-dimensional form.

▼ Doraemon, the star of the popular series, comes filled with a custard-flavoured sweet bean paste and features lots of beautiful little details like cute whiskers and a round red nose, along with his special 4-D pocket and collar with yellow bell.


▼ On his backside, you can bite off his sweet little red tail.


Joining the famous blue-and-white cat is the red-and-white Mini Doraemon, who appears in the series as one of a number of differently coloured “Mini-Doras”; gadgets who act as Doraemon’s helpers in a variety of scenarios.

▼ This sweet cat contains a milk-flavoured sweet bean filling.


▼ Despite being a pint-sized version of Doraemon in the series, in the world of cute sweets the Mini-Dora is identical in shape and size to the blue-and white cat.


Retailing for 280 yen (US$2.50) each, the cute duo can be found at Aeon Super Centers and Max Valu, Daei, and Aeon stores around the country, excluding Okinawa, from April 30 (green tea not included).


Source, Images: @Press