Advice for Tokyo 2020 Olympics volunteers: Dress like a Japanese ninja

This uniform will keep you cool and comfortable like a Japanese shadow warrior from the Edo period.

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VR Ninja Dojo: Battle as a shadow warrior at new virtual reality world in Tokyo 【Video】

Learn ninjutsu techniques and then use them to slay monsters in the VR world.

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Ninja to officially appear before Japanese parliament to outline goals and perform “other activities”

Japan Ninja Council sending delegation to speak, show their shinobi skills at National Diet House of Representatives session.

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Doraemon gives solid advice for how to survive the holidays with people you don’t like

And you don’t even have to build a giant Doraemon tree to do it.

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Scientific study from Japan proves ninja hand gestures sharpen the mind and reduce stress

Next time you’re feeling stressed, act like a ninja and perform these nine simple hand signals.

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Current Head of 500 Year-Old Koga Ninja Clan Lecturing at University

On 31 January, Mie University’s Social Studies Department announced the hiring of their newest teacher – “the last living ninja” Jinichi Kawakami.  Would-be students from all over are lining up to learn from the 21st head of the approximately 500 year-old Koga Ninja Clan.

Mie Prefecture, which is home to Iga city and its famous ninja museum, intends to spread the word of ninja culture to Japan and beyond, with the added benefit of promoting their own ninja-based-tourism industry.

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