The last round of glitches was traumatizing for players, but this one looks like it’s worse for the game’s characters themselves.

With Final Fantasy XV finally on sale, gameplay impressions from the video gaming community have been pouring in, and most have been pretty positive. True, it hasn’t earned the sort of rave reviews as Final Fantasy VII, but that’s sort of an unfair standard, considering that the Square Enix franchise’s seventh installment was essentially the entire epic Japanese role-playing game genre’s coming-out party for the current generation of global gamers.

Judged as its own game, people really seem to be enjoying XV. The new setting and combat engine have earned praise, but what really stands out in many people’s minds is the bond between main character Noctis and his three traveling companions. By keeping its core cast smaller and more constant than any other modern Final Fantasy, XV has been largely successful in establishing an atmosphere that these four friends are really more like brothers, and will always be there to bail one another out of a jam.

Unless, apparently, one of them is literally jammed into the dashboard of a speeding car.

Like unavoidable random monster encounters of old, bugs have once again reared their heads in Final Fantasy XV. Japanese Twitter user @tibi0811 reports that in addition to his copy of the game (a physical disc version) freezing when he cast a blizzard spell, things went pretty haywire on one occasion when Noctis and his cohorts hopped into the Regalia, the automobile they use to get around the game’s open world. As the premium GT speeds down the highway, Noctis can be seen rapidly flailing his arms and legs around its interior, and occasionally through its roof, doors, and windows.

All the while, supposedly stalwart pals Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus stand stoically still, completely ignoring the panicking prince. Of course, given that their own arms and lower bodies look to be encased in the car’s glass and sheet metal, they probably lack the mobility to provide any meaningful assistance anyway.

It’s worth pointing out that after bugs were detected in the final demo version of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix quickly released a patch (in several hours of playing the trial version, I didn’t encounter a single problem). Odds are a similar solution is coming soon for the problem seen in @tibi0811’s tweet, so in the meantime, it’s probably best to just sit back and enjoy the ride, even if that’s something Noctis himself can’t do.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@tibi0811

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