Factory-outlet bacon and other pork products found in Fukuoka laundromat vending machine

Purchasing slightly defective cured meats while doing a load of laundry has never been easier!

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Breakfast donut sandwiches are now one of Japan’s cheapest, craziest morning meal options

Mr. Donut looked at a donut and said, “You know what would make that better? If we stuck some ham in it.”

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Drop the soy sauce and grab the salmon roe! Net users rave about ham sushi bento from Hokkaido

If you have an adventurous palate, get ready to entertain your taste buds with this new take on sushi!

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Fashion brand Diesel is now selling curry in Tokyo thanks to latest stylish cuisine crossover

Sure, Diesel can make a nice pair of jeans, but can it handle curry and deep-fried ham?

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All-you-can-eat meat offered by restaurant in the heart of Tokyo for less than 10 bucks

Carnivorous cuisine in Kanda.

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Muslim man goes on hunger strike after being served ham at Yokohama immigration center

A Muslim man being detained at a Yokohama immigration center was served pork and has gone on a hunger strike in protest.

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Time to ham it up at this chain of Japanese wine bars with all-you-can-eat prosciutto for 500 yen

Freshness Burger is a well-known fast food burger chain in Japan. A lesser-known fact would be that they’ve gone a little gourmet and also have a chain of cheap tapas-like wine bars called FreBar, which offers arguably even better value than Freshness Burger.

For just 500 yen (US$4) you can have as much cured ham (prosciutto) as you like in an hour courtesy of their current promotion, called nama hamu tabehodai in Japanese. Mr Sato, RocketNews24 Japan writer and food adventurer, couldn’t pass up this offer, but just how many plates could he get through?

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“I can haz ham?” This cat has serious cattitude!

Cats definitely know how to get exactly what they need. If its food in the morning, they will sit down right on your face or yowl incessantly until their bowl is full. If they are looking for a warm place to rest, work be damned, that laptop looks pretty comfortable. And when they don’t get what they are looking for, they sure have just the right face to let you know that they certainly don’t approve.

Each cat has its own distinct flavor of disgruntlement, so let’s see what kind of face this “I-want-it-all” cat makes when looking for a hint of ham.

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