Having grown bored of square fruit, has Japan now progressed to creating square pets?

Much like with used panty vending machines, the prevalence of square watermelons in Japan is greatly exaggerated. Yes, you can sometimes find the block-form fruits at high-end produce markets, but the vast majority of people in Japan go their entire lives eating nothing but the ordinary rounded variety.

In other words, while square watermelons do exist, they’re pretty rare. But you know what’re even more elusive? Square cats, but that’s what it looks like Japanese Twitter user @peco_4696 has photographed here.


It’s true that Japanese homes tend to be much smaller than many of their foreign counterparts, which in turn requires residents to be diligent in keeping their belongs in order. But does this need for organization mean that even pets have to come in space-efficient packaging?

Of course not, but the reason for this unusual photo is still tied to Japanese interior design. In Japan, a well-equipped home will have a supply of zabuton, or cushions to be used when sitting on the floor, Japanese-style. It just so happens that in addition to owning a fluffy black cat, @peco_4696’s also owns some fluffy black zabuton, and when the animal relaxes atop the cushion, the two become almost indistinguishable from one another.

▼ Turn up the contrast, and it becomes clear where feline ends and furnishing begins.


▼ @peco_4696 says one of these two zabuton has the cat on top of it, but we honestly have no idea which one.

https://twitter.com/peco_4696/status/808522279839617024 https://twitter.com/peco_4696/status/808516559920513024

So while it’s common knowledge that cats have nine lives, even in Japan, they don’t have four sides.

Source: Twitter/@peco_4696

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