A leg snare trap, a swinging ball trap, and more to capture the Santa while he’s in Japan.

Japan may celebrate Christmas in some strange ways, but one thing that’s the same is Santa Claus. It turns out that having some guy in a big red suit sneak into your house at night and leave presents is just something that transcends culture.

And one other thing that’s the same is kids wanting to catch a peek of Santa, though one group of Japanese kids have taken it to the next level. As their parent @mohikan1974 on Twitter showed, these kids created some Home Alone-esque traps in an attempt to snag Santa.

▼ One of the many trap designs, this one is a swinging
ball to slam into Santa when he tries to leave.

“We brought the designs to the home center and I left as much of it to them as possible. They’re picking out metal fixtures for Santa’s weight. Use your noodles!”

▼ All the traps for Santa: bells by the sliding glass door,
a swinging ball trap, and a leg snare trap.

▼ A video of the leg snare trap in action,
snagging that greedy Santa as he reaches for candy on the floor.

▼ A video of the ball trap, showing how Santa
would get a ball to the face when he tries to leave.

▼ And the deadliest trap of all…
LEGO bricks all over the floor. That’s gotta hurt.

Those are some pretty impressive contraptions! But in the end, just like most kids with plans to capture Santa, eventually sleep got the better of them, and they woke up the next morning to not find Santa caught in any traps, but something else instead: (click to enlarge pictures)

▼ The LEGO bricks turned into “Merry Christmas,” snacks tied to the bells, the giant
ball replaced with a bag of presents, and of course a note (translation below).

Dear Nagomi-chan and Kazutoyo-kun,
I’m giving you two presents this year.
The first is, since you were both good, the presents you asked for.
The second is the memory of making all these traps together with your mom and dad.
-Santa Claus

What a guy! Even after the kids tried to capture him, he still had nothing but nice things to say and even left them a bunch of gifts. Maybe Santa appreciates a good challenge after visiting millions of easy houses without any traps? That’s good and all, but we have to say it’s probably just encouraging the kids to go even bigger next year.

Although with kids this smart, they might figure out that if Santa Claus we’re real, he’d destroy the Earth with the sonic boom of his sleigh.

Source: Twitter/@mohikan1974 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@mohikan1974