The home-grown Japanese fast food chain adds cute and functional items to their lucky bag this year.

Any trip to Japan is not complete without sampling the local fare, and when it comes to indulging in fast food, there’s a Japanese burger joint catering to local tastes that visitors can’t help falling in love with. With menu items like pork-beef patties, rice burgers, and even a special release in honour of Tokyo Tower, MOS Burger is so beloved it’s even been welcomed overseas, with outlets popping up in East Asia, Australia and Hawaii.

▼ MOS Burger’s white “M” rivals McDonald’s golden arches in Japan.


Customers get to enjoy New Year’s with a MOS Burger fukubukuro in Japan, and this year’s version is filled with discount coupons and exclusive merchandise, all priced at a reasonable 2,200 yen (US$18.74).


Inside the 2017 fukubukuro is a sheet of 11 discount coupons that come to a total of 2,200 yen, meaning the purchase price is immediately made up for, as long as you use the tickets from the store where you bought the bag before 31 March.



▼ In addition to the discount coupons, there are three cute MOS Burger-branded items, including a plastic soup cup…


▼ A plastic drink bottle…


▼ And an adorable two-tiered lunch box that comes complete with a set of orange chopsticks.


The MOS Burger fukubukuro went on sale the day after Christmas, so there’s a chance that the lucky bag may already be sold out at some outlets. While we were lucky enough to pick one up on a recent visit, we’re secretly hoping they’ll be re-releasing their Natsumi lettuce-bun burgers soon so we can get a healthy break from all our fast-food lucky bag purchases!

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