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Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger has just unveiled two new seasonal rice burgers that fans of Japanese cuisine will definitely not want to miss—the miso mackerel burger and a Japanese-style veggie burger.

From now until March next year, you’ll be able to get your hands on the two new Eastern sandwiches for 360 yen and 310 yen, respectively.

For the miso mackerel burger, a mackerel fillet is “slowly and carefully stewed.” Burger lovers can forego that extra calcium supplement as “even the bones are soft” in this sandwich. Two kinds of red miso, butter, ginger and spices are blended together to make the miso sauce slathered on top. The “Japanese dining” experience is completed by topping the burger with a neat pile of shredded spring onions.

Less of a “burger” and more of a one-handed Japanese meal, the new veggie burger takes cooked Japanese vegetables like lotus root, bamboo shoots and matsutake mushrooms and places them on top of a sheet of roasted seaweed. The vegetables are prepared in the “kinpira” method where the ingredients are stir-fried, simmered in soy sauce and then heat is added with sliced chili pepper.

The two are part of MOS Burger’s line of rice burgers that the company has been selling since 1987 to celebrate Japanese food culture. The previous two seasonal rice burgers—a fried shrimp patty burger and a fried veggie patty burger—will be discontinued when the two new products go on sale.

Less adventurous eaters who want to try a rice burger in more “traditional” format can still try the rice pork burger for 210 yen.

2013.09.28 mos burger pork

A pork patty is sandwiched in between two curry flavored-rice “buns” with a ketchup sauce.

Source: IT Media
Images: MOS Burger